Our Story

We have been married since 2006, and together we travel the world.

David And Kerry On A Boat - Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

The Earth Is Mine is our effort to learn about the Earth, its places, cultures, inhabitants, and how we can all conserve the beauty of it all for future generations. We’re not a part of any political organizations or environmental groups, we just believe it’s important to share culture and preserve the Earth that belongs to each of us. And so we have come to call this project, The Earth is Mine

When we founded Northward Compass, we both wanted to create something that incorporated our love for nature, culture and travel with our production and photography skills. In April of 2011, on Earth Day, we decided to launch the Earth is Mine.

While we build websites and mixed-media projects for our clients, we’ll be traveling the world, documenting what we see and helping people. The Earth is Mine is also our way to give back to the causes we respect and feel are doing incredible things.

We hope that technology and the power of the internet will help us tell the stories of places we have never seen and people we have never met. It’s a huge leap for us, but we feel these are the stories that need to be told.